Meet DSDK’s Attorneys

Our attorneys are dedicated to protecting and preserving your assets, whether they are personal or business-related in nature. Sometimes that means taking a good hard look at your goals now and in the future. Sometimes it means taking a legal stand against entities or others that pose an immediate threat or future hurdle.

Sure, we are attorneys. But we are also sons, daughters, fathers and mothers and past and current business owners. We look at legal matters through both sets of eyes so we can better understand your position and make the right legal moves toward best representing and protecting you, your family or business.

DSDK attorneys and staff agree that...

With practicing law comes responsibility. A responsibility to be accessible to clients when they need us… A responsibility to continue seeing the value of a handshake and looking you in the eye… A responsibility to respect your time and use ours efficiently… A responsibility to treat each client uniquely and adhere to personal preferences… Taking these responsibilities go a long way in building enduring relationships.

With practicing law comes sharing our knowledge. Educating clients on the legal process and ramifications to empower you to make better decisions for better end results… Sharing our knowledge with our colleagues in the legal field across the country… Many DSDK attorneys are teachers, seminar speakers and contributing writers for education programs nationwide.