Business Exit & Succession Planning

Whether leaving your business is the farthest thing from your mind or you have been planning your exit since day one, it is inevitable that you will relinquish ownership someday to the next generation or an outside buyer. How you exit, and more importantly, how you maximize your return depends on the planning. Those plans and how they are executed can determine whether or not you can accomplish your personal, financial, retirement and estate goals. And they even affect the business’s sustainability without you at the helm.

All the energy and every dime you have invested in your company has value. DSDK helps create a business exit or succession plan that monetizes your investment and lets you extract and protect that value. Our attorneys draw on our experience with tax laws and estate planning to ensure the plan protects your personal and financial interests. On the business side, we can insure payment in deferred buyouts; negotiate and structure reorganizations, mergers and acquisitions and transaction financing; and provide counsel on how to structure the buying entity.

Our approach to business exit and succession planning boils down to listening to your end goals and developing an exit or succession strategy that maximizes your investment so you can move on comfortably and securely as possible.

DSDK is experienced with planning the exit of key business members and planning for the company’s succession, including:

  • Redemptions
  • Employee Buyouts
  • Non-Qualified Plans and Qualified Plans
  • Shareholder Agreements/Buy-Sell Agreements