Business Services

Our clients see DSDK as their business partner  a trusted counselor and advocate they can turn to for legal guidance and support. In business, risk and opportunity comes with the territory regardless of your company’s size and industry.

DSDK’s business services are designed for flexibility to meet the needs of all types of business owners. Some of our clients own lifestyle businesses that are not intended to exist beyond their own capacity to work. Some own legacy businesses that will continue long after they step down. Our attorneys  whether reviewing a contract, explaining your entity formation options or helping you create employment policies – understand your business and goals first, and then create the structures to help you achieve what you want.

If your business is intertwined with or closely impacts your personal finances, we can provide additional legal expertise in the areas of estate planning, tax planning, trusts and estate planning and more, for a holistic approach to finding solutions to your business questions.

DSDK is experienced in counseling a wide variety of business clients on the formation and continuation of business entities, organizational structures and contractual relationships, including:

  • C corporations, S corporations and limited liability companies
  • Limited partnerships, general partnerships and family limited liability partnerships
  • Not for profit corporations
  • Shareholder agreements/buy-sell agreements
  • Non compete agreements
  • Licensing, distribution and sales agreements
  • Confidentiality agreements
  • Employment agreements, policies and disputes
  • Stock purchase agreements
  • Asset purchase agreements
  • Franchising