Practice Areas

DSDK’s attorneys practice law centered on putting and keeping you in the driver’s seat of your business and life regardless of how they grow and change over time. The key is looking at the bigger picture and putting the legal structures in place that protect your assets, and ultimately your long-term goals.

With sharp attention to detail and vast experience representing individuals and business owners in a variety of negotiation and litigation situations, DSDK’s attorneys have earned a reputation in the Kansas City community for their legal and business expertise. Combine this expertise with our administrative staff’s proactive support and you can be assured that nothing about your case or legal matter will fall through the cracks.

Though our attorneys have specific areas in which they practice, they also work collaboratively across disciplines when necessary to ensure your litigation or legal issue is resolved efficiently and effectively. No egos involved, just pulling in the resources it will take to resolve your matter. DSDK’s philosophy has never been to be all things to all clients. That doesn’t fit with our true mission of providing legal services in a personalized, hands-on way.

For more information about any of our practice areas, choose an area of practice to the left or contact our office. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you have.